Lora Starling is a design consultant who works with businesses, and their design groups as necessary, to ensure that their logos and related designs work at the deep levels required to create effective delivery.

Many talk about it; few understand it: the allure of the brand. It comes from identity and the things that people use to identify themselves, their gang, their kingdom, their company etc.

They use symbols and emblems, designs and motifs, colours, words and noises to make their identity specific and agreeable to those whose respect they want, and need. They are creating their brands.

The process is an emotional thing, and emotions run deep as they say. In fact these emotions of identity are so powerful and run so deep they touch the soul.

If design is one of the important parts of creating and expressing identity, then it makes sense to start designing from the soul outwards, rather than from the surface inwards.

This is the point of view of Lora Starling, founder and creative director of Starling Design.


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