Fashion Karma

Can your clothes transfer their energy to you?

Whether it is the conditions under which they are created, the materials used or the logo imprinted on them, some knowledge of these aspects might help us choose the clothes that aid our well being. According to the article Fashion Karma in this month’s edition of Slow Food, researchers have found that the ‘symbolic meaning of the clothes and the physical experience of wearing them’ operate as ‘two distinctive influences that clothes have on the wearer’s psyche’.

I explored this effect in The Logo Decoded. ‘Recall the vastly inflated auction prices reached when Princess Diana’s dresses sold well above their material value after her death.’ And Bristol-based psychologist Bruce Hood shared how he offered a group of journalists a free, attractive cardigan. All of them put their hands up, only to bring them down again unanimously when he revealed it had once belonged to the murderer Fred West.

Intuitively we know this effect. I think we need to look behind the logos on our clothes, do we really want to absorb into our own being the values of the companies that create them?