Look the way you feel

Our emotions engage us in actions that drive us towards those things we love and away from those which we do not.

Emotions are the driving force when we make our choice for any particular brand. These emotions are triggered by the logo.

The emotions behind the design of the logo affect feelings towards the brand. So, designing the way you feel will lead you to feel the way you design.


Towards brand success

Every conscious action begins with a thought. When enough of us tap into the same thought, we co-create a particular way of thinking that becomes its own reality.

A logo stimulates this particular way of thinking so that a glance at the design engages our united thoughts on the brand, over and over.

Eventually we create a tipping point that engages success for the brand.


The spirit of the brand

A business, a brand, a logo has its own body, mind and spirit. The spirit is the elusive, intangible asset that we intuitively sense and assess at a level beyond our conscious mind.

It is the state of this extra dimension that can determine the future of a brand.

This spirit permeates everything in the business and it is expressed in the logo. A logo without this connection fails to deliver the true brand promise.



Somewhere between the two

Logic and creativity work hand in hand to create brand success. But brand success often defies logic; many fail to succeed.There are ways to engage our minds that can close the gap between logic and creativity. The answer is in there.


Wisdom of the ages

Symbols, colour, words – people have used these tools since our ancestors lived in caves and painted on rocks to express and attract their desired future.

We have honed this process through research, technology and global communications. But the idea remains the same. We encapsulate our dream in a piece of art and express it to the world so others can share in creating its success.

If we relinquish the source of our skills, do we then risk losing the wisdom of our ancestors?