Starbucks ******mas cup




I am intrigued by the fuss about Starbucks’ Christmas cups. I find that the fascination with the design goes towards proving how powerful a tool it is! Starbucks has been accused of using GMO milk, unfair labour practice, encouraging the over consumption of sugar, not paying taxes and even serving coffee prepared to a poor standard (McDonalds’ coffee came out better in a taste test). But when they serve us in a very simply designed red cup, the uproar is fantastic! Donald Trump suggests boycotting them because they no longer wish us merry Christmas and if he is president (need I say more?).  Ellen talks about it on her show with 3.9 million viewers per episode. This is such a testament to the power of design. If the simple (and this one is remarkably simple) use of a logo can cause this effect then surely we can put this power to good use. Logos are available to us all. Social media is available to us all. These are powerful icons.